A Marie-Antoinette & Sofia Coppola inspired wedding in Paris

F r o m   L A   t o   P a r i s

Handmade painted wooden board and table numbers

What a joy it’s been to be able to be a part of such a stylish wedding last summer ! Nina and Gabriel got married in June 2017 in the gorgeous Pavillon de Musique de la Comtesse du Barry near Paris.

The incredible photos you are about to see are from Lauren Scotti. The amazing decoration details have all been put together by La Fabrique à Rêves team. This wedding spared no details and I am very happy to call it my very first blog post !

Nina and Gabriel trusted me to create their table numbers as well as their welcome wooden board with a special calligraphy type.

We worked together on the choice of wooden board in order for the size and the quality to match the aesthetic of the Pavillon. Once this was done I offered several calligraphy spot options for the bride-to-be to pick her favorite (let’s face it, the groom rarely care that much !). The same process was used to pick the beautiful handmade paper for their table numbers. From there we used the same calligraphy type than for the welcome board.

While I do have my signature calligraphy, I do give custom calligraphy variations, as I believe it is extremely important for these curves to reflect my clients personalities as well as the tones of their event, whatever it is.

V e n d o r s

H a p p y   N e w    Y e a r   t o   a l l   o f   y o u   !

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