The founder : Delphine Barallier

I am the calligrapher and the illustrator behind Silent Word Studio. Over the 5 years I have spent working in the wedding industry as a wedding planner, I fell in love with the art side of these beautiful days. All the papers and pretty details convinced me to pursuing my dream, and define myself through the art of calligraphy and illustration. Making timeless creative and unique pieces for my clients is my greatest motivation and I believe makes me at least as happy as my clients !

Based in Loire Valley, France, but love it when my work get to travel all over the world.

The Studio 

Silent Word Studio officially launched in 2017.

Why Silent Word Studio ?
Silent Word Studio‘s name defines the beauty of the writing and to the power of expression of written words.
We are deeply touched that you are looking at our website and interested in our studio for the creation of your paper goods.
We offer a personalized, creative and bespoke service. Every illustrations and calligraphy are handmade and respond to an exclusive request. Regardless the service you choose, our relationship will always start with a white page, because your wedding or event is unique.

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